Train and Reprogram your CORE

The Revolution and Evolution of CORE Training

In a few sessions, regularly, you will Acheive:

Hypopressive training Benefits


PRE/POST PARTUM: Preparation and recovery of the pelvic floor. Toning. Closing the diastasis, improvement of prolapses

LOWER BACK: Release of the lower back pain due to the decompression in the abdomen during the Core exercises.

PREVENTION: Hernias, prolapses, incontinence, articular and muscle injuries

FLEXIBILITY & POSTURE: Myofascial stretching + Postural reeducation with modern and updated science.

SEXUAL FUNCTION: More muscle tone and more vascular flow in the pelvic floor means both in men and women better function and more pleasure.


* COREvolution is an innovative Postural and Respiratory training system. It is a physical activity for Individuals and Groups.

Our classes are divided:

  • 10 minutes Warm Up
  • 30 minutes Hypopressive Exercises, using LPF methodology 
  • 5 minutes Relaxation